After the application for guardianship has been filed, the court issues a preliminary judgment setting a date for a hearing before the court and ordering the applicant`s lawyer (the person seeking guardianship over the allegedly disabled person) to inform all close relatives. If housing services are provided to the person who is likely to be incapacitated, that service provider must also be informed of the application and hearing. The legal process for obtaining guardianship may vary due to a number of factors, including your personal circumstances. If you`re considering becoming the legal guardian of a child you`re caring for, the first step in this process is to contact an experienced guardianship attorney in Pennsylvania, like Denise M. Bierly. Often, difficult or chaotic circumstances can lead parents to apply for legal guardianship of their children. For these families, their children and caregivers, guardianship can be a fairly straightforward legal process that provides them with the stability and peace of mind they need and deserve. Choose someone you trust and add a clause to your will that you want that person to raise your children if you ever become unable to work. In your will, appoint one person as guardian and one person as mandatary (in case the former is unable to fill the position) for each of your children.

It is legal to choose a different guardian for each child. You can even create more than one tutor for a child, although this can cause problems if the co-guardians never disagree. Naming a married couple often works well, but name both in your will to make sure they have custody/authority to make decisions for your child. Once you have submitted your application, the court will arrange interviews with you and possibly with the child, the child`s parents (if available) and any other person who may have an interest in it. In some cases, the court may order a home visit or inspection, and usually a criminal history review of the potential guardian is conducted. – Organize and represent you at a court hearing in order to obtain legal guardianship. Interested persons may apply to the court for a guardianship lawyer and request the appointment of a temporary guardian or an ad litem guardian to represent the interests of the child. Contact a Pennsylvania attorney who specializes in assisting with the Pennsylvania Bar Association`s legal guardianship. A Pennsylvania attorney will know the state`s court system, filing procedures, and applicable forms for seeking legal guardianship.

Free online information is available on the Pennsylvania Courts website to support the growing number of Pennsylvanians who wish to file their own family law cases in state courts. Standard court forms for custody proceedings can be found on this page of the Pennsylvania Unified Court System website. Forms are included for parents and third parties, including grandparents. Read More These arrangements can be beneficial for everyone involved – the guardian, the parents and, most importantly, the child. Information from Northwestern Legal Services about your obligations if you change the residence of a child in your care. Forms and instructions for use in the following counties in northwestern Pennsylvania include: Crawford; Erie; Mercer; and Venango, as well as a way to generate the necessary forms in every Pennsylvania county. Read More It is not an easy task to be the legal guardian of a minor. There are many responsibilities, including financial obligations and time with the child.

If the biological parents are still alive and still have rights over the child, . B such as physical custody or visiting children, they are financially responsible for the child. When their rights have ended, they owe nothing to the care of the child. Yes, and it`s good planning. In the unfortunate event that you are unable to raise your children, you should establish guardianship of your children with someone you trust. The best way to do this is to pronounce it in your will. Our team is very familiar with the laws and procedures required to obtain legal guardianship in Pennsylvania. We can guide you through every step of the guardianship process, from filing the application with the court to arranging the hearing to obtain legal guardianship.

Most states allow a biological parent to appoint a guardian for their child in their will. However, a parent may lose this right. For example, Pennsylvania law states that if that parent did not care for the child in any way for a year or more before the child`s death, that parent cannot appoint a guardian of the child. 20 Pa.C 2519 (a). The process of obtaining legal guardianship can sometimes seem overwhelming or confusing, and our team understands that you are in uncharted territory. Learn more about guardianship in Pennsylvania here, as well as the services we offer to provide you and the child you care for with the security and stability you deserve. This video explains what happens at a custody hearing, describes the “Best Interests of the Child” standard, and gives you tips on how to get the custody order you want. The video is part of Philadelphia Legal Assistance`s “Make Your Case” video series. Read More Go to a local orphans` court in Pennsylvania closest to the county where the person you want to keep guardianship lives.