*NOTE: Flights, accommodation, food and insurance are covered. Visas will be refunded. This is an entry-level static guard position for law enforcement veterans who have no combat experience and do not currently have a security clearance. This position allows candidates to gain combat experience (1 year) to qualify for more experienced positions. Connection options are available after the successful conclusion of a one-year contract. The employer is looking for static armed security forces for various locations in Iraq. The client is a US-based employer and needs around 200 UK/UK Army veterans for immediate employment. Static childcare takes place at developed bases throughout Iraq, where you`ll have access to restaurants, a gym, and other amenities. The working time is 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. – MUST be from a former military or law enforcement background – MUST be a US, British, Australian, New Zealand or Canadian citizen – in particular, the client is in urgent need of UK veterans. – Must have a valid driver`s license – Must attend and pass the required training – Must be proficient in medical education, including the use of emergency dressings and tourniquets. Combat Life Saver or equivalent is a plus.

Contract Duration: 12 months Rotation: Two (2) 25 days of freeze leave are provided per year according to a schedule set by your project manager. Operational for a total of 315 days. .